Take the Train to London's Most Iconic Station - Victoria Station

posted January 9, 2023

Take the Train to London's Most Iconic Station - Victoria Station


Ⅰ. Introduction to famous attractions in Victoria


1. Buckingham Palace

This is the main residence and office of the British monarch in London. It is located in Westminster. It is one of the venues for British national celebrations and royal welcome ceremonies, and it is also an important tourist attraction.

Buckingham Palace is also an important meeting place at times of celebration or crisis in British history. From 1703 to 1705, John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham and Normanby, built a large town hall building "Buckingham Palace" here, which constituted the main building.

2. Westminster Abbey

This is the most sacred and symbolic attraction in England. Almost all important official occasions of the British royal family are held here, the most important of which is the enthronement ceremony. From 1066 to now, except for two exceptions, all British kings and queens have It was crowned here, and most of them were buried here after death. Westminster Abbey faithfully recorded every page of the history of the rise and fall of the British royal family.

There are many royal tombs in Westminster Abbey, many of which are very ornately decorated. Seeing so many tombs in a small space at once reveals a strange and heavy feeling. Those who can't accept it can go to Chapter House to see the famous 13th-century floor tiles after visiting the highest nave in England, while avoiding the crowds, and enjoy the gorgeous and simple architectural features of Westminster Abbey in a quiet atmosphere.

The famous Poet's Corner in Westminster has many monuments and commemorative relics of literary greats, such as Shakespeare, Dickens, etc., and many commemorative relics are exhibited here.

3. Big Ben

Big Ben is a big clock located in the 98-meter-high clock tower of the Parliament Building at the north end of Westminster Abbey in London. Whenever the parliament is in session, the lights above the big clock will light up. This Big Ben represents British classical culture, which is a symbol of London and the pride of the British.

The person in charge of the clock tower project is called Benjamin Hall, and people respectfully call the clock tower "Big Ben" with his nickname. But at first this name was only given to the 13-ton bell in the tower, but now it has become the name of the entire tower. At night, the big clock quietly floats in the night sky under the illumination of lights, and it is even more spectacular to watch from the opposite bank.

Ⅱ. How to take the train from St. Pancras to Victoria Train Station?

St Pancras railway station, also known as St Pancras International, is a large railway station located in the St Pancras area of London, the capital of the United Kingdom, located in the British Library and Between King's Cross Station.

The nearest subway station is King's Cross Station, which can be reached by subway Northern (black), Victoria (blue), Piccadilly (dark blue), Circle (yellow), Hammersmith&City (pink), Metropolitan (purple) lines. Or walk to Euston Railway Station, about ten minutes away.

Victoria Station is located in Westminster, London. It is the busiest and most well-known railway station in downtown London. It is known as the most representative railway station in London and an important transportation hub in London.

The location is superior, close to Buckingham Palace, and all the famous attractions and shopping malls in London are concentrated nearby.

The station handles 80 million passengers a year. At the same time, the Victoria Passenger Terminal is located in the southwest of the railway station. The station is seriously congested.

The subway station (Victoria Station) is connected with the railway station, and you can take the subway Circle (yellow), District (green), and Victoria (blue) lines to arrive.

posted January 9, 2023