Buy Train Tickets on Ctrip to Go to the Seaside Resort-Bournemouth

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posted April 22, 2021

1. Brief Introduction to Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a famous seaside resort in southwest England. It is about two hours by train from London and about half an hour by train from Southampton. Before the 19th century, this was only a fishing village. With the accelerated construction of the railway, it became a part of Hampshire. After 1974, it joined Dorset. As a tourist resort city, Bournemouth has an international airport and terminal.

1) Bournemouth Balloon

Compared with the Ferris wheel that can be seen everywhere in the UK, taking a balloon here can not only look at the blue sky and white clouds but also overlook the blue sea and white sails. In addition, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of Bournemouth and the English Channel.

2) Corfe Castle

Built-in 1066, the Corfe Castle suffered severe damage in the 17th-century civil war and became a ruin. Nowadays, we can only guess its beauty and glory from the ruined wall. The castle is currently a British national first-class protected building.

3) Oceanarium

Here you can not only watch various marine life, explore the mystery of the ocean, but also experience the virtual diving rack for a gorgeous ocean adventure. In addition, there are nine fish feeding lectures every day. There are offshore cafes and gulf gift shops nearby offering hot and cold food and merchandise.

2. How to Get to Bournemouth

Bournemouth Railway Station is located in the center of Bournemouth. It only takes about two and a half hours by car from London, which is very convenient.

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posted April 22, 2021