A Train from Milan to Rome

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posted October 13, 2022

1. How to travel from Milan to Rome?


Several trains run between Milan and Rome every day. Trains depart from Milan's central station, Rogoredo station or Garibottiporte station to Rome's Ostiensee or Temini station. From Milan to Rome, the fastest train takes 3 hours and 10 minutes, while the slowest takes about 11 hours.


2. Which railway company runs trains from Milan to Rome?


Trenitalia, Italy's national railway company, operates rail services between Milan and Rome. Italo is a privately owned railway company that also offers routes between Milan and Rome. Italo offers both fast and slower, less expensive trains. You can choose the train that best meets your needs and preferences.


3. Trenitalia trains from Milan to Rome


Trenitalia offers high-speed and standard trains between Milan and Rome. Trenitalia trains run every 30 minutes on the line. Fares for Trenitalia trains vary depending on the type of train you choose. All trains depart from Milan's central station, Rogoredo station or Garibottiporte station to Rome's Ostiensee, Temini or Tibutina stations. Tickets can be purchased online. Refunds are available before departure, but 20% of the cost will be deducted.


4. Italo trains from Milan to Rome


All Italo trains from Milan to Rome are direct and do not require any transfers. Italo trains complete the journey from Milan's central station to Rome's Temini station in about three hours and 39 minutes. All Italo trains from Milan to Rome cost the same fare, and tickets can be purchased through TrainPal. Only Economy/Flex tickets that offer a refund option are refundable. If your ticket is refundable, you can apply for a refund no later than 3 minutes before departure. A 20% or 40% service fee will be deducted.


5. Train from Milan to Rome: on-board service


Trenitalia trains from Milan to Rome offer standard-class fare tickets. You can upgrade to Premium, which gives you access to dining bar service, newspaper access, leather armchair seating and free WiFi. You can also upgrade to the business class, which includes welcome drinks, snacks and meals. Any upgrades will cost extra.


Italo Train offers smart-class tickets with free WiFi, movie sofas and reclining leather seats. You can upgrade to a Prima Class or Club Executive Class by paying an additional fee.


You are allowed a maximum size of 12 "x 21" x 30 "(30 cm x 53 cm x 75 cm). You can bring a bike, or stroller as a standard piece of luggage, but they need to be folded and placed in the luggage area. The Italian rail network is responsible for boarding and leaving the station, so people with disabilities should contact them for special assistance if necessary. Pets can travel with you. Domesticated animals weighing up to 23 pounds (10 kg) can board free of charge.

posted October 13, 2022