How Many Hours from Milan to Rome by Train?

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posted September 19, 2022

1. Train timetable from Milan to Rome

Trenitalia trains run from Milan to Rome every 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday, starting around 5:10am. On Sunday, the first train to Milan leaves at about 5:40 am, and the schedule for the rest of the trains remains virtually unchanged.

The last train from Milan to Rome leaves at approximately 11:20 every night. Trains run from Milan to Rome every 40 minutes throughout the day, starting at 5:10 am and ending at 11:20 pm.

2. How many hours from milan to rome by train?

You can choose to travel by direct train from Milan to Rome, or you can choose to change once. The fastest train from Milan to Rome takes only 3 hours and 10 minutes. The slowest train takes more than 11 hours to complete the same journey. All Italo trains take 3 hours and 39 minutes.

3. Origin and destination of trains from Milan to Rome

(1) Departure station: The train bound for Rome departs from one of the 3 stations in Milan. Porta Garibaldi Station is one of Milan's main railway stations, located in Porta Garibaldi, connecting the country's suburban and regional trains, with good connections to other forms of public transport, the station offers WiFi, shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. Facilities; Rogoredo Station is one of Milan's main train stations and is the southern gateway to Milan, where you can find several facilities such as shops, restaurants, cafés and bookstores. Milan Central Station is the largest train station in Milan and is located in the northern area of central Milan. The station offers luggage storage, WiFi, cafés, shops and even a photo booth. You'd better arrive at the corresponding station 15-30 minutes before departure.

(2) Terminal: Trains from Milan may arrive at Ostiensee Station or Termini Station. Ostiensee station is located near the Porta St. Paul in Rome and is connected to the rest of the city by public transport, as well as bookshops, shops, restaurants and cafés. Termini Station, Rome's main train station, is located in the city center and is connected to the rest of the city by various public transport systems. The station also offers facilities such as WiFi, shops, photo booths and luggage storage.

4. How to find cheap train tickets from Milan to Rome?

One way to get cheaper tickets is to book in advance and keep your travel dates flexible. You'll also find discounts for students and seniors, as well as a travel pass. Another way to save money is to choose a local train or transfer to travel.



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posted September 19, 2022