Take Trains To Stockport To Appreciate the Elegance Of Hometown Of Hats

posted March 31, 2021

The landmark buildings in Stockport

Located in the southeast of Manchester city center, Stockport is a city in Manchester, England, and it was recorded in the annals of history in 1170. The city is known as the "Hometown of Hats" because the first hat factory in the UK was built here. At that time, the hat industry was the pillar industry of the city, with nearly half of the city's population engaging in its related industries.

Stockport's landmark building is Stockport City Hall, designed by architect Alfred Brumwell Thomas, with a ballroom designed by John Bergerman inside, and Britain's largest Wallischer Theatre pipe organ is located here. Open in 1858, Vernon Park is the main park in the city, being fascinating with the tranquil environment and elegant atmosphere. Being the most famous museum here, the Hat Works is the only museum in the UK that specializes in hat exhibitions, and it shows how to make hats with ancient traditional handicrafts, and introduces the British "hat culture". In addition, there are also many places worth visiting like the War Memorial, Art Gallery, Stockport Viaduct, and St. Elizabeth's Church.

Where to buy tickets for trains to Stockport

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posted March 31, 2021