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posted June 5, 2020

Scotland has a strong European aristocratic style since ancient times, like a gentleman with a suit, bow tie, always smiling. Just as Scotland belongs to the temperate maritime climate, it will never be sullen, there will be no severe cold, and it will not be hot. Cairngorms National Park is located on this gentle land.


Knowing about Cairngorms National Park before booking a trip


Cairngorms National Park was officially opened in 2003 after being approved by the Scottish Parliament. This is the second national park established in Scotland. It is not only the largest national park in the United Kingdom, but also a prestigious skiing resort in Scotland. The park covers an area of 1,750 square miles (approximately 4,500 square kilometers), the lush forest is the backbone of the park, and the wanton flowing lakes and streams are the blood of this park. It is also a habitat for all kinds of wild animals. Red squirrels, reindeer, eagles and other wild animals pass through the park from time to time.


There are 5 peaks in the Scottish region, and Cairngorms National Park occupies four of them, so it is regarded as an adventure paradise by challengers who seek excitement: from the dangerous high mountains to the glazed lake area, from the rocky mountains to the lush forests, from the deep and long royal castle to the special conservation area. In recent years, the park is facing the double test of local residents and tourists, and the landscape in the park is also under great pressure from huge traffic.


The economic development of Cairngorm National Park and the surrounding areas is heavily dependent on national parks, which on the one hand can promote the development of local tourism and recreational activities, on the other hand, it can also promote greater local protection for the survival of ecosystem.


How to get to Cairngorms National Park by train and why you must go there


Cairngorms National Park in Scotland is the largest national park in the UK, covering 4,528 square kilometers. This is almost twice as large as the Lake District National Park, but there are far fewer tourists. In fact, although the Lake District National Park is very beautiful and attracts 16.4 million visitors each year, Cairngorm's desolate mountains, icy river valleys and Caledonian forests only attract 1.5 million tourists every year. It is very convenient to travel by train in the UK, including to national parks, and at trainpal you can buy the cheapest train tickets.


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Take the train to Cairngorm National Park


On the west side of the park, there are two gorgeous entrance stations that can take you into the center of the park: Aviemore and Kingussie. If you are from southern England, one of the most adventurous ways to get to these mountain outposts is to take a sleeper train, which departs from London Euston Station at 21:15 Monday to Friday, and at 20:59 on Sunday. It reaches Kingussie at 7:20 and Aviemore at 7:45.


Of course, you can also take the faster day train from King's Cross Station in London to Inverness Station. From the end of 2019, just with more than 8 hours, the train can take you directly to Kingussie and Aviemore. Other stations along the way include York, Darlington, Newcastle, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Edinburgh, Stirling and Perth.


There are other train services during the day, but there may be one or two train changes between Edinburgh and Perth. However, it is very likely that the price of the split tickets is much cheaper than the direct one.


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You can also take a direct train from London to Aberdeen. Aberdeen is the closest station to the Royal Deeside area in the east of the National Park. For example, from London, it takes 7 hours and 4 minutes, leaving London's King's Cross Station at 10 and arriving at 17:04.


Things to do in Cairngorm National Park


The outdoor adventure scene in Cairngorm National Park has been established well and is a paradise for hikers, mountain bikers, kayakers, skiers, wildlife observers, photographers, painters, etc. It has the 5 highest peaks in the UK, the most unusually vast wilderness area, and a large number of local mountain guides to take you to climb the highest peak. Those who like lowlands can easily take a lap in some of the park’s lochs such as Lochs an Eilein, Garten or Morlich. There are also many bike lanes, the most popular of which is crossing the Ryvoan Pass.


You can also book a guided tour locally, which is highly recommended for newcomers to the mountains, or choose an organized self-guided or guided vacation, a wilderness Scotland or Scottish mountain vacation with an ecological expert. The Cairngorms Tourist Board is also a source of information about places to stay, local guides, and of course, routes to be discovered.


Of course, it can be called a splendid legacy left over from history, and the Cairngorm National Park is much more than that. Despite the magnificent natural landscape, the cultural tourism supporting facilities of Cairngorms National Park have also become an important factor to attract tourists.


Stepping on the highest land center in the UK, the Cairngorms National Park’s entertainment projects go far beyond ice and snow. There are two aquatic entertainment centers specially designed for water sports enthusiasts in the park, and there are also planned fly fishing areas and stag tracking areas that are popular with fishing and hunting enthusiasts. Many winding and rugged walking paths provide hikers with a close encounter with Cairngorms National Park.


Climb high and look far away, and near the sea makes your heart wide open. The Cairngorms National Park is not only in a highland, but also has 12 golf courses, making it a golfing hometown in Scotland. Golf is always accompanied by fine wine. Due to the special geographical factors, there are many whisky distilleries in the Cairngorms area, which is an excellent place to taste the feelings of Scotland.

posted June 5, 2020