Visit Manchester: A Sunny Getaway in England

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posted April 20, 2020

Manchester is the second-largest city in England after London. She is very British, but also a whole world apart. Admit it, you probably had a pretty negative image of the city of Manchester, made up of industries, images taken from Ken Loach films and rainy scenes, right? However, Manchester presented itself in its best light when you go there and it is under the sun that you will discover the city, which in a few moments has become a real favorite.


Musical cradle of many groups (such as Oasis, The Smiths, Joy Division, Take That, Bee Gees…), the host city of great European teams, Manchester United and Manchester City, shaped by its rich industrial past, Manchester has a thousand faces, Manchester tells hundreds of stories that spread on its walls, in its museums, in its galleries, in its cafes and in its restaurants, in the mouths of Mancunians ... If images of industrial wasteland, abandoned warehouses, Poverty and wasteland come to mind, you will, because the crisis has hit Manchester in a very violent way, but Manchester is much more than that and it shows as soon as you put a step outside. Manchester is undergoing a renaissance and opens its arms to you!

A large English city, Manchester city center can be explored very easily on foot, especially under the sun. What a pleasure to stroll through the shopping or residential streets, to explore the different districts of Manchester, ranging from surprises to discoveries. Drop the map, go on an adventure down the alleys, follow the chance, think about looking up, reading the plates, concentrating on the details and you discover another Manchester.

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posted April 20, 2020