Three Attractions in Belgium Where You Can Arrive by Train

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posted March 9, 2021

1. Attractions in Belgium where you can arrive by train

If you are going to visit Europe, please take a train to Belgium. You can walk between two stations, take trains, and then go to the next destination by train.

1) Sambre valley

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the areas of Thudinie and Sambre here. From Thuin, you can first explore the scenes in this city along the way, and you can walk to the bell tower overlooking the whole city. You can see the scenery in the valley from the mountain top, and then, you can go back through Sambre and go to Bois de la Frégène. You will get the chance to appreciate the panoramic views of the city and valley along the way. Go to Fantôme station in Ourpes along the railway, and soon you will see the ruins of Aulne monastery and several nearby cafes and restaurants. After leaving the monastery, continue to walk to Sambre, cross the spillways and drawbridges, then turn right. Finally, follow the towpath in the fields to Landelies, the end of the walk.

2) Hot spring and Castle Franchimot

After arriving at Spa station, leave the factory of Spa Monopole behind and go into the city. Past the royal villa of Queen Marie-Henriette, and cross the Park Parc de 7 heures. This way leads straight to Castle Franchimot, the former stronghold of the Principality of Liege. This castle stands on a rocky promontory where you can overlook the valley Hoëgne. Go around this area and go on through the woods and meadows, you can go to Theux. After that, you can walk along with the Square Perron, and go back to the station.

3) From Paliseul to Carlsbourg, this is one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia

This time we can start at Carlsbourg station. Once you are out of the station, you will see large areas of fir forest, beautiful lawns, and several ponds: Here is the South Nature Park, which is located in Ardenne, between Lese and Semois, and the villages nearby stretch on and on. You can first cross Naomé, pass Pond Douaire, and then arrive at Croix des Fées. Then, you will arrive at the Our Village situated on a bend in one branch of River Lesse, and this village gets its name from the river. Because of the stone houses and churches on the top of the hills, it becomes one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia.

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posted March 9, 2021