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posted February 25, 2021

1. Introduction to Luton's Attractions

Luton is located in historic Bedfordshire. Its origin can be traced back to the Paleolithic age. It is believed to have been established by the Anglo-Saxons in the 6th century and is named for its condition on the Leah River.

In the 21st century, the development of this town is, coupled with the town's superior geographical location, the British government has invested a total of 150 million pounds incorporate parks, commerce, and transportation. The excellent location creates a commuting town extending in all directions. 

1) Wardown Park

The park has various sports facilities and it is home to the Luton Museum and Art Gallery. The park is full of trees, and large gardens can be seen everywhere. There are also Craft Museum, Stockwood Park Rugby Club, and extensive golf facilities.

2) Luton Museum and Art Gallery 

In Luton, a variety of leisure activities will definitely make you overwhelmed. For a hearty sport, there are many venues such as football, cricket, golf, rugby, and so on. To learn about the traditional crafts and industries of Luton and Bedfordshire, especially the making of lace and hats, you can visit the Luton Museum and Art Gallery.

2. How to travel from Luton to London

From Luton Airport Parkway Station to London St Pancras International Station takes a one-way 25 minutes (high speed) or 40 minutes (ordinary), there are trains every 10 to 20 minutes. The price of a Luton train ticket is approximately £14 per person. You can go to Trainpal's official website to buy and enjoy discounts!

posted February 25, 2021