You Can Buy a Scottish Train Ticket for 2 Pounds on Trainpal

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posted March 8, 2021

Fundamental State of British Railways

British trains are a very convenient transportation. Its speed and comfort are much better than the coaches', but at the same time, trains are also synonymous with expensive in Britain. Because of privatization, Britain's train tickets can be the most complicated in the world, and because of privatization, the UK is also the easiest to buy discounted train tickets compared with other European countries. How cheap is it? You can buy a cheap train ticket to Scotland for 2 pounds!

Main categories of British train tickets


This refers to the normal fare, just like the standard price of ticket and hotel without discount. You can buy a train ticket at the railway station and board the train right now. The advantage is that it is convenient, you do not have to book in advance, and buy tickets directly after arriving at the railway station to get on the train, but it is especially expensive.

2. Off-peak

There are three types of tickets, off-peak single, off-peak return, off-peak day return.

Generally speaking, the off-peak single is after 9:30 a.m. on weekdays. But in fact, the definition of each company is different.

The departure date of Off-peak return must be fixed, but the return trip can be on any day within a month, and the biggest advantage is that you can get off at any railway station along the way.

For example, when buying off-peak return from London to Edinburgh, you must go directly to Edinburgh, but you can travel via Newcastle, York, Cambridge or Lake District, Manchester City, Birmingham, Bath, Oxford when return.

3. Advance

Usually, most students will book tickets online in advance. The price of this kind of ticket is very cheap, and the disadvantage is that the travel time is fixed. If you miss the train, you can't use it, and you are generally not allowed to refund or change the ticket.

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posted March 8, 2021