Want to Escape the Shackles of Big Cities? Hurry up and Take the Train to Preston!

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posted March 22, 2021

1. Introduction to Attractions of Preston

Preston is a port city in the northwest of England and the capital of Lancashire. The Ribble River, 48 kilometers northeast of Liverpool, was an important port in the interior during the Tudor dynasty, with developed trade. In the late eighteenth century, it became a trading center for county coal, cotton fabrics, and raw materials. Preston is surrounded by beautiful countrysides, such as the Lake District, Yorkshire Dale, and so on, which provide many opportunities for sports and hikers.

1) Avenham & Miller Parks

Avenham & Miller Parks was designed and built by Edward Milner in the late 19th century. It is currently one of the few parks in the UK with Victorian architecture. These two parks are located by the River Ribble. It's perfect for a walk on a fine day and a picnic on a sunny day.

2) Moor Park

Moor Park is located in the north of Preston. It is the largest and oldest park in Preston. The park is lined with trees. You can enjoy the sunshine along the Serpentine lake, or you can go to the Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory in the park to see where the 20th-century astronomers watched the total solar eclipse.

3) Brockholes

Brockholes is a good wild bird sanctuary in the United Kingdom. It also has a large area of wetland woodland and abundant species. It is the best choice for exploring the charm of nature. You can see many man-made habitats in the reserve, such as Number 1 Pit, Nook Pool, Meadow Lake, Boilton Marsh, and so on. These places are good bird-watching spots. When the water surface drops, you can see birds feeding and dragonflies laying eggs. If you want to observe wild animals up close, you can choose to go to Woodland in the reserve. The woods here have survived for thousands of years. Walking along the paths in the woods, you can see all kinds of insects and vegetation.

2. Preston Railway Station

Preston Railway Station is a railway station located in Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. It is also one of the main stations on the main West Coastline. The train from London to Preston only takes about two and a half hours. The specific train number can be found on Trainpal's official website.

posted March 22, 2021