How to get from London Stansted Airport to Victoria Train Station?

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posted January 3, 2023

How to get from London Stansted Airport to Victoria Train Station?

The official name of Victoria Station of the National Railway Administration is "London Victoria Station". The name is generally used by residents outside of London, but less used by residents of urban London.

In practice, NRA Victoria Station operates in two parts: East (Chatham), consisting of platforms 1-8, for the Chatham Main Line to Kent and its branches The terminal of the train. West (Brighton), consisting of platforms 9-19, is the terminal to Surrey and Sussex, and also includes the Brighton main line connecting Gatwick Airport and Brighton main line and its branches.

The station is divided into two parts because the track layout is not suitable for too much communication. The eastern platform is only served by the Chatham Main Line switch bridge in the Battersea area. The west platform is busier than the east platform, and some suburban train lines that originally used the west platform need to use the east platform. This often happens particularly with the Gatwick Express on the Brighton mainline, which uses the east platform during track maintenance works.

Victoria Station is also the London terminus of the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, which uses platform 2, which is the longest of the station. Victoria Station is run by John Dedross, Station Master of Network Rail.

Ⅰ. Attractions near Victoria Railway Station

1. London Photographers Gallery

The Photographers' Gallery is London's largest public gallery, displaying all forms of photography. The Photographer's Gallery holds regular exhibitions and lectures, as well as education and training courses. You can also buy your favorite books and photographic works in the bookstore and store here.

2. Vauxhall Bridge

Vauxhall Bridge was built by the Prince of Wales (later George V) in 1906, replacing the Regent's Bridge built between 1809 and 1816. It was the first bridge in London to pass trams. Another unique feature of Vauxhall Bridge is the bronze statue decoration on the pier.

Ⅱ. How to take the train from London Stansted Airport to Victoria Train Station?

Victoria Station is located in Westminster, London. It is a station of the London Underground and the National Railway Bureau, London's primary transportation hub, and one of the busiest stations. It is also known as the most representative station in London.

Victoria Station of the London Underground is located in the north of the Victoria Station Hall. It has two ticket halls, one for the Victoria Line, and the other for the District Line and Circle Line. The pedestrian link between the two is located below the bus station.

The specific arrival route is as follows:

1. National Express:

24-hour operation, from Stansted Airport to London Victoria Coach Station (Victoria Coach Station), 50 minutes by car, half an hour.

2. EasyBus:

There are regular flights from Stansted Airport to Victoria Station (Victoria Station), via Waterloo Station (Waterloo Station) and Baker Street Underground Station (Baker St), and the journey takes 1 hour 25 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes. The departure time from Victoria Station is 03:00-23:00, and the departure time from Stansted Airport is 04:00-01:00. Reservations can be made on the official website.

3. Airbus A6:

From Stansted Airport to Victoria Coach Station, the fare is 11 pounds per person, the journey takes 1 hour and 40 minutes, and the bus departs every half an hour.

posted January 3, 2023