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Trains to Birmingham


London to Birmingham train: There are lots of trains from London Euston to Birmingham city centre, a train journey which takes about 90 minutes, dropping you a short walk from Birmingham's business district and the key shopping areas. Round-trip train fares during off-peak hours start at £10. Check the train tickets now.

It’s very well-connected by train. Birmingham has three large railway stations, New Street station, Snow Hill station and Moor Street Station, as well as Birmingham International Airport station, just outside of the city centre. Book train tickets to Birmingham International Airport station.

Because there are so many different railway stations, and so many trains running to Birmingham, make sure you check which railway station you need before you book. When you’re at your departure station, double-check the information on the electronic displays, or check with a guard, to make sure you board the right train. On the platform you can also check you sit in the right carriage too, as first class and standard class are usually marked on the side of the trains.

You could get the long-distance coach from London Victoria Coach Station to Birmingham Bus Station, but it does take about 3 hours.

About Birmingham

Birmingham is the second-largest city in the UK and is a large, industrial city located in the middle of the country. Birmingham city centre has 60 km of rivers and canals, which were the main form of transportation during the industrial revolution. Now they’re mostly loved by locals and tourists alike for recreation, and they’re home to plenty of houseboats too. It is often said that Birmingham's rivers are longer than Venice, although Birmingham is a lot larger to begin with. Find trains to Birmingham.

As well as its thriving industrial past, and present, Birmingham has a long history of arts, culture and architecture. Some of the city’s most stunning buildings are the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Symphony Hall and many of the famous “Red brick” University buildings. As for modern architecture, there’s plenty to see too, with New Street Station, the Cube Building, the new library building and the National Exhibition Centre (NEC). Travel to Birmingham by train.