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Save up to 90% by splitting tickets in app
  • Split Tickets
    Split Tickets
    Saving up to 90% by splitting tickets
  • eTicket
    No need to queue at stations
  • Smart service
    Smart service
    Change & refund tickets easily
  • Book cheap tickets
    Book cheap tickets
    Book cheaper train/coach tickets
  • smart service
    Digital Railcards
    1/3 off rail travel

Why book with us?

  • split-tickets
    Split Tickets

    TrainPal can help travellers save up to 95.25% of the original rail fare in the U.K. In addition to the traditional split ticketing features, TrainPal also offers a flexible split ticketing option which give travellers the best value to help you save even more. First class split tickets are also available.

  • split-tickets

    TrainPal offers electronic tickets on all routes supporting eTicketing, saving the time and hassle of having to queue to collect train tickets. Go green by going paperless, contactless and safer.

  • split-tickets
    Smart Service

    Refunding and changing tickets is easy on the TrainPal App. A refund for flexible tickets can be simply submitted and changed for Advance Tickets on your TrainPal app without having to contact customer service.

  • split-tickets
    Book cheap tickets

    Search, compare & book cheaper train/coach tickets; TrainPal simplifies your booking experience in order to allow customers to save time and money.

  • split-tickets
    Digital Railcards

    Get 1/3 off your UK train tickets immediately and save an average of £181 a year with a digital Railcard added to your TrainPal account. Cheaper digital railcards, cheaper ticket prices by split ticketing, and 1/3 off rail fares with digital Railcards – all in the TrainPal app.

Ratings & Reviews

Tons of members already use TrainPal to easily book and plan their travel. With discounts on trains/coach tickets, and more, we've got you covered whether you're planning your next trip or already on the road. What are you waiting for? Join us now!

  • Enjoying the cheaper Trainpal fares. Saved loads these last 3 weeks since I joined Wisdom words are There is no journey to happiness - happiness is the journey Wishing you joy and laughter A fellow voyager

  • Sing loudly to your favourite song, it’s very empowering, maybe not for those on the train with you, but it willcertainly make them smile, they might even join in. A TrainPal choir

  • Trainpal is a wonderful app to use and save money. You always get rewarded bonus once you book anddiscounts on tickets which is amazing. I haven't found such a wonderful app which is fast and customer friendly.

  • The app is easy to use and has low prices for bookings in Asia. Customer support is helpful and always try their best to fulfill special requests. If any money needs to be refunded, it usually...

About TrainPal

Travel further for less

TrainPal is a money-saving, rail & bus ticketing platform helping travellers travel across Europe by train and bus. TrainPal enables you to compare and book tickets at the best possible prices.

Whether you are planning to travel within the U.K., a summer trip to Spain or Germany, or even planning your holiday to Italy. TrainPal will meet your needs.

Since its launch, TrainPal has been featured in Apple’s AppStore and Google Play. It was also featured on the popular ‘Gadget Show’ on Channel 5.

Commuting by train and breaking out of the work from home cycle can benefit your wellbeing, and improve your productivity, even if it's just a couple of days a week.

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