Ticket refunds & changes

How do I change my ticket?


Advance tickets:
Advance tickets can be changed up to 15 minutes before the departure of the first train, though a processing fee may be required. You'll also need to pay any fare difference.

To change your tickets, do the following:
Step 1: Download TrainPal App
Download TrainPal AppStep 2: Log in to the current account on TrainPal App or sign in with the contact email of your order on TrainPal App
Step 3: Agree to import tickets in TrainPal App - My tickets
Step 4: Find your bookings in "My tickets".
Step 5: Select "Change".

Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak, and Anytime tickets (Flexible tickets):
Flexible tickets are refundable. You can request a refund in the TrainPal app by going to "My Bookings" > "Refund".

If you have printed the tickets, please send them and your booking reference to the following address:
Train Services Team
1st Floor, 1 Lochrin Square
92 Fountainbridge
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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