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Can I cancel my ticket due to special circumstances?


Providing your tickets meet the requirements for cancellation, you can cancel them yourself in the TrainPal app. To do so, find the relevant booking in your booking list, select the refund option, and choose your reason for requesting a refund.
Tickets will be eligible for refund in the following circumstances:

(1) The train has been canceled (and tickets have not been used)
If your train is canceled and you decide not to travel, you are entitled to a full refund. Tickets are refundable for 28 days after the expiry date.
(Where possible, the train company will arrange a taxi or replacement bus if you miss the last train due to a canceled connection. In this case, you may not be eligible for a refund.)

(2) Illness, or death of a relative (if tickets have not been used)
Upload proof to support your request and provide details about why you weren't able to travel. We'll review your request within 3 working days.
*The proof you upload must be valid and relevant. The more details you provide (such as names, dates, a message from your hospital, or a certificate approved by a doctor), the easier it will be for us to review your request.

(3) Tickets cannot be printed or used
· If you're still at the station, please go to the ticket office and ask for help.
· If the station is unattended, you need to upload a screenshot or a photograph of the ticket machine showing that your tickets couldn't be printed or that your e-tickets couldn't be scanned, and provide details to support your request.
Once this is done, buy a new ticket on the TrainPal app and we will review your refund request within 3 working days.

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