Ticket collection & seating

I have made a reservation. Why don't I have a seat?


Seat reservation is free but cannot be guaranteed. There may be serval reasons:
(1) Reservable seat allocation is fully booked, or you book tickets near departure time, and seat reservations are closed. Don't worry. Some seats are always unreserved. You can sit in any empty unreserved seat.
(2) The train operator you are traveling on does not provide seat reservations for the train, which is common in shorter routes and peak travel times on commuter routes. On these trains, you can sit in any vacant seat reserved for the class.
(3) You booked your ticket before your seat was opened. Seat reservations are usually open three months in advance. If you book a flexible ticket (at any time, non-peak or ultra-high peak), you may not be able to get a seat.
Even if there are no reservations, your ticket is still valid. You can sit in any empty, unreserved seat.

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