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What are the differences between services Standard / Premium / Business / Executive on an Italian train?


In most Italy high speed trains, here are two different classes: 2nd Class and 1st Class. 2nd Class is the most common choice while 1st Class provides better services and bigger space.
On Frecciarossa, the flagship train of Trenitalia, four different service levels (or classes) are offered:
Standard – Its 2nd class and most cheapest and most easiest option which is basic and comes with reclining seats, free wifi and LED lighting.
Premium – Basically it’s same as 2nd class but the space in the compartment is more. It has all the services of 2nd class but more legroom, space for the seats and welcome snacks.
Business-1st class or Business is designed has lots of extra train services. The space between seats is more than one metre. Welcome service includes newspaper in the morning, snacks and drinks.
Executive- Premium 1st class, Executive class has all the services of 1st class but on top of that, it’s like a long distance in-flight service: Leather chair with extended leg room, wide space between seats and exclusive rail service.

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