Enjoy the Most Beautiful Scenery by Taking the Train from London to Scotland

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posted March 5, 2021

1. Enjoy the most beautiful scenery by taking the London to Scotland Train

It's possible for most visitors to Britain to contact with British trains. Caledonian Sleeper, the train from William in the Scottish Highlands to London, is called one of the most beautiful train lines in the world.

The amazing thing about this line is that the 13-hour overnight speeding allows you to take in the beauty of Edinburgh once you wake up in the morning. The passing scenery is more like a continuous stream of beautiful pictures: Fog-shrouded Lake Lomond quietly flows in the arms of the green hills, and wild wind springs on Nolan Highlands. The wilderness is evil malign, broad, and charming.

If you take this London to Scotland Train in spring, you will find a sea of flowers out of the window soaking in the warm spring sunlight, which is extremely beautiful.

On the platform of the old Viralia station, a tearoom gazes alone at the passing passengers. In the distance, velvety green hills seem to be a wonderland in the light. However, it's exceptionally cold outside the Lannock Station. It's filled with swampy, and almost no one goes there. With the roar of the train, the vast sea of purple flowers faded into a phantom in visitors' eyes gradually, which remains in their memory, along with the graceful ridges and the misty green hills.

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posted March 5, 2021