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Travel info about Trains to Rome

A night train from London and other European cities to the "Eternal City" is a good choice. If tourists want to visit the historical sites of Italy, taking the train is always a good choice. The train enters the terminus located in the center of Rome, and passengers can go directly to world famous attractions in minutes.

Most trains to Rome will end at Rome Termini, Rome's main railway hub. The terminus is at the crossroads of the Rome metro network, which means that it is easy to reach Rome's north, south, east and west. And it's not far from popular attractions such as the Colosseum or Pantheon, so it shouldn't be a chore to come here.

How to find cheap train tickets to Rome With TrainPal

To get cheap train tickets to Rome, you need to be very savvy when buying tickets. But don't worry, we are here to give you the best advice to save money. Until you realize it, you will have some extra money to spend in the city instead of just using it to go there!

Let's start our money-saving list, first of all, be sure to buy train tickets to rome in advance. In some cases, the price of a train ticket will increase as the departure date approaches. So, by buying a pre-sale ticket as far in advance as possible, you will give yourself a better chance of getting a cheap train ticket to rome.

Want to know more? Head over to our train ticket page for a complete guide.

When buying cheap advance tickets, try to book your tickets during off-peak hours. When selecting a rome train ticket, be sure to check all the rail tickets to Rome in the drop-down menu as we will highlight the cheapest off-peak tickets.

Before you buy a ticket, make sure that the price of your return ticket is actually lower than the price of two one-way tickets. Sometimes one method may be cheaper than the other. The same is true of the chosen arrival station. When you choose "Rome, Any" and a particular train station, try to check the train fares to rome differences.

In particular, it is worth noting that if you choose to buy direct train tickets or split train tickets, their final prices will be different. Split train tickets will stop at different stations. Although the time will be extended, in some cases it will be cheaper to buy split train tickets than direct rome train tickets.

Are you taking trains to Rome with a group of two or more people? Then, you can also get a certain discount on train fares to rome, thanks to the group purchase of train tickets. This is a very useful money saving technique. Please note that these group tickets are not available for all journeys, and if your journey proves valid and you select from the train ticket drop-down menu, these group tickets will automatically apply. All tickets must be purchased at one time, and all passengers must travel together on the day of departure.

If you need more tips on buying the cheap train tickets to Rome, please check out our train tickets page.

Places to visit in Rome

There are several popular travel routes to Rome by train from different leaving cities, such as Florence, Milan, Venice, Paris, Naples, etc. Take a train to the ancient city of Rome and discover its culture and history. If you have any interest in buying the cheapest train ticket, visit our train ticket purchasing page from Rome now.

Blog Posts featuring Rome

How Can I Get from Rome to Florence?
Rome and Florence are two of Italy's top cities, and travelers often visit them on the same trip. The following will help you get information easily between the two cities. 1. How to get from Rome to Florence train?  Florence is 173 miles north of Rome. It often runs between Rome Termini station and Florence Santa Maria Novella station (the main railway station in each city). Roma Tiburtina station also has some free and regional trains. You can check current schedules and ticket prices of Rome to Florence on Trenitalia's website. Moreover, you may find it quicker and more convenient to purchase tickets at The Frecce train is the fastest and most expensive, so the trip from Rome to Florence can be as short as one hour and thirty-one minutes. You need to reserve a seat on these trains. Cheaper regional trains take two to four hours and have no reserved seats. Trains depart from early morning until around 9 p.m., with a choice of several trains per hour. Italo, Italy's private high-speed rail line, also has fast trains between Ostiense and Tiburtina stations (not Termini) in Rome and Santa Maria Novella in Florence. You can also buy Italo train tickets in euros through TrainPal.  2. How do I get to Florence from Florence Railway Station?  Local buses connect the station to the rest of Florence and the suburbs of the city.The historic center and major attractions of Florence are within easy walking distance of the train station.  3. How does a car get from Rome to Florence?  Although Florence doesn't require a car (and you can't drive into the historic center), you may need a car to explore Tuscany. The A1 Autostrada (toll road) connects Rome and Florence. In Florence, if you want to take the train and get a ride there, you can rent a car. 4. Fly to Florence  Florence has an airport with flights from other Italian cities, Europe and the UK. The airport is close to town and connected to the railway station by bus.   We work with more than 1,000 trusted transport partners across Europe, including Virgin Train, Trenitalia, NTV Italo, LNER, GWR, DB, Renfe, and more. Now you can book train tickets to England/Spain/Italy/Germany/France. Inquiries are welcome.Welcome to choose Trainpal's official website to book cheap train tickets. We will provide you with one-stop ticketing service.
What Kind of Transportation Can I Take from Rome to Venice?
1. What's the cheapest way from Rome to Venice? If you want to save money and use it to buy Veneto wine, don't take the train or fly. The cheapest way to get around is by bus, which starts at €16 but is reserved in advance, so after confirming your departure, be sure to visit the ticketing website to compare prices and book tickets! 2. What's the fastest way from Rome to Venice?Don't be fooled by the short flight time of one hour and five minutes. The fastest way to get there is by train. Because when you fly, you have to count the time it takes to get from the city to the airport and the destination airport to Venice, and you have to arrive at the airport two hours early.  If you plan to explore the Dolomites or the wine country north of Venice rather than the old city, it's faster to fly.  3. What is the best way from Rome to Venice? Like many Italians, we take the train. It's the quickest way to get to the Grand Canal from the Colosseum, and it's not expensive if you book in advance on ticketing sites. In addition, the train is very spacious, equipped with air conditioning and dining car, serving Italian food and wine.  4. How much is the train from Rome to Venice?A train from Rome to Venice (300km/h) costs around €50, which is for bookings 60 to 90 days before departure. Tickets double or triple when booked at the last minute. Therefore, we recommend researching and booking tickets on ticketing websites as early as possible.5. Is there a direct train from Rome to Venice?Yes, taking the train is a fun way to get around Italy. Shortly after departure, you can enjoy the endless views of the Apennines and Tuscan hills. The train then travels over the Po River before arriving in Venice. The train can travel up to 300 kilometers per hour and the journey takes 3.5 to 4.5 hours.   6. Do you have a one-day tour package from Rome to Venice?Yes, for most tour packages, participants take a high-speed train to Canal City. Travel packages vary in price because train fares fluctuate. Usually, the schedule is tight and the train ride takes nearly four hours. Upon arrival, there are many palaces, frescoed churches with Tintoretto and glass shops on the island of Murano to explore. We work with more than 1,000 trusted transport partners across Europe, including Virgin Train, Trenitalia, NTV Italo, LNER, GWR, DB, Renfe, and more. Now you can book train tickets to England/Spain/Italy/Germany/France. Inquiries are welcome.Welcome to choose Trainpal's official website to book cheap train tickets. We will provide you with one-stop ticketing service.
A Train from Milan to Rome
1. How to travel from Milan to Rome? Several trains run between Milan and Rome every day. Trains depart from Milan's central station, Rogoredo station or Garibottiporte station to Rome's Ostiensee or Temini station. From Milan to Rome, the fastest train takes 3 hours and 10 minutes, while the slowest takes about 11 hours. 2. Which railway company runs trains from Milan to Rome? Trenitalia, Italy's national railway company, operates rail services between Milan and Rome. Italo is a privately owned railway company that also offers routes between Milan and Rome. Italo offers both fast and slower, less expensive trains. You can choose the train that best meets your needs and preferences. 3. Trenitalia trains from Milan to Rome Trenitalia offers high-speed and standard trains between Milan and Rome. Trenitalia trains run every 30 minutes on the line. Fares for Trenitalia trains vary depending on the type of train you choose. All trains depart from Milan's central station, Rogoredo station or Garibottiporte station to Rome's Ostiensee, Temini or Tibutina stations. Tickets can be purchased online. Refunds are available before departure, but 20% of the cost will be deducted. 4. Italo trains from Milan to Rome All Italo trains from Milan to Rome are direct and do not require any transfers. Italo trains complete the journey from Milan's central station to Rome's Temini station in about three hours and 39 minutes. All Italo trains from Milan to Rome cost the same fare, and tickets can be purchased through TrainPal. Only Economy/Flex tickets that offer a refund option are refundable. If your ticket is refundable, you can apply for a refund no later than 3 minutes before departure. A 20% or 40% service fee will be deducted. 5. Train from Milan to Rome: on-board service Trenitalia trains from Milan to Rome offer standard-class fare tickets. You can upgrade to Premium, which gives you access to dining bar service, newspaper access, leather armchair seating and free WiFi. You can also upgrade to the business class, which includes welcome drinks, snacks and meals. Any upgrades will cost extra. Italo Train offers smart-class tickets with free WiFi, movie sofas and reclining leather seats. You can upgrade to a Prima Class or Club Executive Class by paying an additional fee. You are allowed a maximum size of 12 "x 21" x 30 "(30 cm x 53 cm x 75 cm). You can bring a bike, or stroller as a standard piece of luggage, but they need to be folded and placed in the luggage area. The Italian rail network is responsible for boarding and leaving the station, so people with disabilities should contact them for special assistance if necessary. Pets can travel with you. Domesticated animals weighing up to 23 pounds (10 kg) can board free of charge.